Surfing in Ireland

Over the last decade Ireland has seen many changes. The economy has grown and flopped, governments have flipped and changed. Ireland has emerged as a technology centre in Europe with companies like Google, Facebook and Drop Box all picking Ireland as the ideal location for their European headquarters. As unexpected as all that those changes were, one more thing has occurred which was taken the country by surprise. 

Surfing in Brandon Bay Kerry

Who would have guessed that the cold, and murky wind swept shores of Irelands west and north coasts would emerge to rank amongst the worlds top surfing destinations?

Well, it's true. Off the Northwest coast of Ireland places like Eskey and Bundoran are attracting thousands in surf tourism to Ireland.

Seaside surf villages like Lahinch Beach in Clare are surfing nurseries for up and comers. While only a few miles away, near the Cliffs of Moher, the Irish Big wave surf spot "Aileens" brings some of the worlds most hardened surfers to experience the challenging and powerful giant emerald wave. 

Surfing in Ireland

Further south, in Kerry, Beaches in Brandon Bay, Dingle and Inch have become holiday destinations for not only the Irish on stay-cations, but now also many of our close european friends from Great Britain, Germany, France and Spain can be found enjoying the frequent swells and uncrowded Irish beaches.

Surf Safaris, board shapers, international festivals and competitions are already creeping into the Irish surf scene. The future and position of Ireland as an international surf attraction is looking safe. Its even possible in the near future that Rose Travel might be fitting roof racks to our buses, rounding up the troops and heading for the beach...

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