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  • Step 1: Select number of passengers.
  • Step 2: Select the number of weeks you wish to add to the cart and purchase.  (see description below for more details)
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Payments are Annual or by Term
€750.00 Annually or €250.00 per term x 3 Term Payments*

*(Discounts apply when one parent/guardian is booking multiple children travelling on the bus.  The second child’s ticket is 20% off, i.e. €150.00 discount on this additional child’s annual ticket or €50.00 discount on term payment ticket.)

Term Payments must be made online and in advance of these dates:

  • Payment 1 by 03/9/2021
  • Payment 2 by 05/11/2021
  • Payment 3 by 04/02/2022

Passengers cannot use the bus service if payment is not made before, or by, the above dates.
It is not possible to pay on the bus.

The School Bus Service is planned to operate on the following dates:


Unless notified in writing by Rose Travel, will operated on weekdays only from Monday August 30th 2021 to Friday June 3rd 2022.

Rose Travel will adjust route timings if Mercy Mount Hawk Secondary changes hours or has a half-day (only for whole school half days). Rose Travel will not adjust the route timing for any other school in Tralee if they change hours or have a half-day.

The service will not operate on the below dates (The company reserves the right to change operational days, but intends to give as much notice as possible.):

    1. October Mid Term – 25th to 29th of October 2021 inclusive
    2. Christmas Holidays – 23rd of December 2021 to 5th of January 2022 inclusive
    3. Spring Mid Term – 21st to 25th of February 2022 inclusive
    4. Patricks Day Break – 17th and 18th of March 2022
    5. Easter Holidays – 11th to 22nd of April 2022 inclusive
    6. May Public Holiday – 2nd of May.


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Ticket Options:

1 Student, 2 Students (Family), 3 Students (Family), 4 Students (Family)